Rural Coding Series

The Rural Coding Series is a suite of technology camps and activities that empower rural youth with positive life skills, as well as programming skills through a systematic methodology developed in partnership with the U.S. Peace Corps. Youth are empowered to take technology ?back to the village? through coding clubs and by providing them with low-powered computers and solar power supply. Ultimately, the Rural Coding Series aims to develop and provide avenue for even more advanced training with our professional staff at the Hackers Guild Campus in Lusaka.

Girls Can Code

This is a program aims to reach rural adolescent girls by teaching them computer programming skills, leadership and teamwork. Inspiring young girls that their lives are potentially positive, fulfilling, and meaningful is the heart of this effort.

Boys Can Code

Modeled after the profoundly successful ?Girls Can Code!? Technology Camp, this program provides rural adolescent boys with computer programming skills, positive life skills, leadership, and teamwork. The aim of this program is to provide insights and inspiration for positive life choices.

We Can Code!

For those graduating from either ?Girls Can Code!? or ?Boys Can Code!? technology camps, this program provides more advanced training to pupils in an all-inclusive venue.

Kids Can Code!

This is an innovative program whereby selected U.S. Peace Corps volunteers serving in rural Zambia are provided training to share computer programming skills in an informal setting.

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