Winding up and looking forward!
Winding up and looking forward!

Winding up and looking forward!

As we all know, the end of every season gives way for a new one, we are very optimistic about the activities lined up for 2018 as well as the new opportunities coming our way.

We are winding up our 2017 activity calendar and our fellows have continued to learn how to apply new tools in software development. They are currently learning Mongo Data Base while part of our developer team that is building a mobile application for one of our clients.

Stepping aside from that, we are eagerly counting down to our next rural coding series which will be hosted in the Northwestern province this time around. The Girls Can Code starts on the 31st of December after which the Boys Can Code kicks off and ends on the 13th of Jan 2018.

#HackersGuild staff and the #PeaceCorp volunteers are heating up preparations and can’t wait to share tech knowledge as well as play games and mingle with the girls and boys in NorthWestern.

Also, we are beginning to consider the received applications for the next #BootCamp which commences in January 2018.

In the same vein, the school club program is scheduled to resume next term but this time we are taking the innovators club to Copperbelt. We look forward to teaching the pupils basic programming skills which will hopefully lay a good foundation for their possible careers in software development.

Until next year let’s keep coding!