This is Michael Sakala (left), a Zambian who is part of the team of African Students behind an app called "Tell Em".
All hailing from Africa, Michael and his friends, Scott Pippen (Kenya) and Felix Ekume(Nigeria) saw the potential the African software market has in terms of growth.
In their final year of study at Wiley College in the United States of America, they joined forces and came up with the app which allows friends to chat and plan for upcoming events. The app also helps one to purchase tickets for events.

“Knowing where I came from, we have always been inspired to be entrepreneurs. As a team, we had a lot of ideas but we wanted focus on software products because we believed Africa has so much potential",Michael  said.

"One day Felix came up with the idea of creating a mobile app. We had a long debates and discussions and finally, Tell Em was born".

The app is a platform where friends and family can interact socially through videos and messages. The app also allows you to easily purchase tickets and avoiding long ques. Event managers will also use the platform to advertise events and connect with fans.

The APP is now in the pre-launch phase and users can pre- sign up to have early access and be rewarded once the app is officially launched.

With google giving Zambia the rights to sell paid apps, in-app products, and subscriptions on GooglePlay, the Zambian software industry is bound to grow  and the Hackers Guild coding bootcamp scheduled to start on 23rd July will equip you with the skills that will helpbuild quality apps and websites that will contribute to the growth.

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