Hackers Guild School Clubs

The school coding clubs are meant to groom upcoming developers, as such we will set them up to be more than just an ordinary school club but a place to have fun as you build your career. Our approach is to mentor a group of pupils who will take up the leadership role of the club with supervision of the teacher, we shall expose them to basic programming tools such as Scratch, SonicPi and MicroBit. They will be provided with a curriculum that will highlight activities that they will carry out whenever the club meets. At the end of the school year we will be hosting a hackathon with school leavers from all the clubs around Lusaka, the prize of top winners of the hackathon is direct admittance to the main bootcamp.

This is an initiative to spark computer science interest in high school children. Through an inclusive program consisting of hands on fun coding activities consisting of:

  • Introduction programming using Scratch, Sonic-Pi and MicroBit
  • Basic Web Design
  • Hackathons

Upon completion of high school club members take part in a hackathon that will present an opportunity for them to get free enrollment into a professional software developer training program for 3 months.

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